Eduardo Freitas

Eduardo Freitas

Senior Vice President & Regional Head

Olam Americas

Seasoned executive with 30 years of experience in the international finance community. After being with Macquarie Bank for a short period of time where he was responsible to implement and develop the Distribution area of the Commodity and Financial Markets (CFM) Group, he joined the multinational agribusiness Olam International, to implement and develop the newly created Trade and Structured Finance group in the Americas region. Prior to that, for 18 years, he was part of Cargill Trade and Structured Finance Group (TSF) occupying several leading positions where he had the opportunity to develop new markets and structure financing products for banks and corporates.

He has developed an extensive list of counterparts in the America’s region (USA, Central America, Caribbean, Andean, Mercosul and Brazil) where he provided commodity financing, corporate financing and bank financing creating a multibillion dollar business.

Developed and managed a multi-cultural, multi-location and diverse team of professionals.

Prior to joiningCargill in Minneapolis (USA), he worked for Fiduc Finance Corporation in London and Sao Paulo for 9 years where he worked in debt restructuring, debt equity conversion, trade finance, forfeiting, structured credit, asset-backed loans among others.

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